In 20 years I have come a long way, working gradually with Software Houses novice.
I did a lot of experience on the field and have therefore contributed to their growth and to their continued development.
I decided to live from within these companies my work experience and I understand how they move.
To improve myself even more I lived behind the reception desks and alongside highly experienced directors.
My only regret is that in some ways I was expecting more personal results because when I started it was still the Windows 95 era, just think 'how much time has passed.
I made my choices, I never looked back and have always gone on to grow ancora.Il work, the commitment, the dedication and the will to fight more and have finally brought the desired results.
I am privileged to be a lecturer at the I.T.S. Archimedes of Syracuse and teach young people what to do and how to behave in an accommodation facility, in all departments and in different tasks, not what makes a management.
I am fortunate to work alongside old friends like Daniel Dini and Massimo Dotti with whom we shared the last four years and many beautiful yet they will share together, with the new team was formed.
I recently had the pleasure to know Ovid Marzi, Administrator Pluriservice Group SpA, which has now shared with me the hope that I grow for many years: be part of a large group with a large and ambitious project.
All you users who until now have given us confidence and that you will continue to give us, you will always have the certainty of having made the right choice as part of your accommodation business, because we will be there forever.
And now it begins for me the experience in this team, I can say that we will do many things to grow even more our systems and believe me, we are just at the beginning.

Maurizio Lo Giudice - Manager Divisione Hospitality

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